Not currently taking applications

Sorry, but we are not currently taking applications to be Web Mystery Shoppers.

Join the Web Mystery Shoppers Team & earn money from home.

Join the Web Mystery Shoppers Team & earn money from home.

More people are shopping online every year and this shows no sign of slowing down. Smart companies know that they need to understand what customers think and feel when visiting their website.

That’s where you come in.  

By becoming a Web Mystery Shopper, you will visit websites as if you were a customer. Your thoughts, feeling and suggestions will be recorded and will help clients  improvie their sites. And, best of all, you get to work from home!

Here is how it works:

  1. (Not currently taking applications)
    Fill in this form to become a Web Mystery Shopper . (There’s another copy of the form below, if you want to read about how it works first.)  The more information you provide, the easier it will be to find projects that are a fit for you. Also, read the legal Shopper Agreement. You have to agree to it to become a Shopper.

2. When a suitable project comes up, we will ask you if you would like to participate. Most jobs take about 30 minutes and pay $10 – $15.

3. If you decide to participate you will be given instructions on what sites to visit, what information to gather, and how much you will be paid. IMPORTANT: Sometimes you will be offered an unpaid assignment for a research study that we are doing to try to raise awareness of Web Mystery Shoppers and its services. You don’t have to accept such assignments, but if you do, and we then sell the review of the site that you worked on, we will go back and pay you. It will also increase your odds of getting other paid assignments, as they will be offered first to people who’ve shown they do good work.

4. If it was a paid assignment, you’ll get paid within 30 days of the end of the month during which you did the assignment.

What’s The Catch?

There are a ton of scams in the mystery shopping business. Any site that makes it seem easy to earn thousands of dollars a month work from home is lying to you.  You will probably only get offered a project every few months, so really this is for occasional  extra pocket  money, not for regular income.

The number of projects you’ll get depends on what clients we are working with and whether your profile matches what is needed. The more information you give, the easier it will be to find projects for you. Also, the better your work, the more projects you’ll be offered. But be patient. It can take a long time to find a match.

Most projects are paid but there are some that aren’t. We will tell you when offering you a job how much it will pay. You can always turn it down if the pay’s not enough for you.

47 thoughts on “Not currently taking applications

  1. Kelebogile Magoro


    I just wanted to know if this is international and if I would be able to do the online shopping, etc from South Africa?

  2. Mohamed

    I’m just curious to know about mystery calls/emails

  3. Viviane Koenig

    I have never done any type of mystery shopped and look forward to the first assignment.

  4. Mariska

    Hi, just curious to know if Canadian mystery shoppers will have anything come up in near future?

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  6. Cheryl Vernon

    I have spent several years doing online surveys. They pay very little, some actually rip you off by not paying up, and the surveys have become redundant. I got tired basically giving the same answers over and over. Living on S.S. I find in this day and age I could really use more income, so I am trying secret shopping.

  7. Tema Post author

    Sorry for the delay in answering, John. Just fill in the application form. Once we’ve got a client looking for people with a background like yours, we’ll send you an email with the details. Make sure that anything from is set not to go into your spam or trash.

  8. John


    I am interested in working in e-mystery shopping, it sounds like a great idea, I didnt receive yet an email from you so what can I do to become part of this, how do you guys work?



  9. Tema Post author

    Hi Koreen,

    You should have received one from us today. And there will be another tomorrow (Monday) with the details for your project. If you can’t find the one from today, please check:

    1. The other tabs in the gmail screen (e.g. Social, Promotions, Updates,…) It may have been streamed to one of those. If you find it there, you can drag it to your inbox. When you do that Gmail will ask at the top if you want to do that for all future emails from the same sender. Say yes.
    2. If you can’t find it in any of those, check “All Mail” and “Spam”. There too you can send the item back to your inbox, and tell gmail that you want to do that for all future email from this sender.

  10. Tema Post author

    Hi Alex,

    I checked the records and we HAVE received your application. Thanks.

  11. Tema Post author

    THat’s odd. Let me investigate. I’ll get back to you soon. What browser were you using?

  12. Alex

    I completed the above application, clicked submit then screen went blank.

  13. Tema Post author

    Hmm… Not sure why that would be. I’ll investigate. Can you tell me what browser you were using?

  14. Karen Sue Jones

    I completed the above application, but I did not see any way to submit it.

  15. Tema Post author

    We haven’t yet, but if you apply we’ll keep you in mind if anything does come up where they could use Malaysian shoppers!

  16. Vonnie

    Hi, I would like to ask if if you ever have online mystery shopping assignments for people in Malaysia?

  17. Patty Kusnir

    I’ve been a mystery shopper for 4 years and am looking forward to web-based mystery shopping too.

  18. Tema Post author

    Not sure I understand what you are saying, George. You were not able to fill in the application form?

  19. George

    I would like to be invited to be a web mystery shopper, George. Why does your web-site have a hesitant response and this stick and tap response . I been having a problem engaging the online connection, personal and public access terminals.

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  21. Tema Post author

    Thanks for joining. Just be aware, please, that the projects are infrequent. You need to sign up with a lot of companies if you want to earn much income this way, unfortunately.

  22. Valerie C.

    I am very interested in joining your company as a web shopper. I’ve been interested in this endeavor for some time, but couldn’t find alot of available openings for this kind of work online. Yeah!! Opportunities like this are growing for home based workers like myself.

  23. Cliff Turner

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Web Mystery Shopper!

    To register please visit (If you tried registering here earlier and found that the form wasn’t operating properly, please accept our apologies and note that the problem has been corrected.)

  24. Skyler

    I’m interested in being a web mystery shopper.

    Thank you.

  25. MD


    I am interested to do Mystery shopping. Please let me know the updates.

  26. Catherine Pruissen

    I am interested in becoming a web mystery shopper. I have owned, developed and operated a few websites since 1996, including ecommerce. I am also a writer, personal trainer, nutrition and wellness specialist as well as a youth fitness specialist, so I spend a great deal of time online doing research. If you could use someone with my abilities, I’d be interested in learning more.

    Thank you.

  27. Khairul

    Hye.. I’m Khairul from Malaysia.. Can i join this web mystery shopper?

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  29. kristen byler

    hello. i am a member, but for the life of me i can’t see where i am supposed to sign in to apply for a upcoming mystery shop. can you help me? thanks.

  30. Tema Post author

    Hi Andre,

    If you sign up as a Web Mystery Shopper, you’ll be in our database for if and when we have jobs for people in Brazil.

  31. andre belchior

    Could you please let me know if you ever have online mystery shopping assignments for people in the Brazil?

  32. Tema Post author

    Doing some now using UK testers

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  34. wmsadmin Post author

    Not likely at the moment, I’m afraid. Good luck in your hunt!

  35. Adam Addis

    Could you please let me know if you ever have online mystery shopping assignments for people in the UK?


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