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Tema Frank, founder of Web Mystery Shoppers

Tema Frank, founder of Web Mystery Shoppers

Usability & Business Strategist

Entrepreneur and visionary Tema Frank created a revolutionary new way to do website usability testing, and in 2001 launched Web Mystery Shoppers Inc.

It has attracted big name clients such as Bank of America, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Government of Alberta, and many others.

In addition to usability testing, Tema uses her 30 years’ experience in marketing, communications and business strategy to help a wide variety of clients of all sizes.


Her expertise has been noted by the Web Marketing Association, which repeatedly chose her as a judge for the Web Awards Competition, she was short-listed for an E-Business Leadership Award.

Tema’s research and writing is cited in several academic textbooks, as well as in the media, including publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Globe & Mail. She has been noted in the Who’s Who of Canadian Business, the Who’s Who of Canadian Women, and the World Who’s Who of Women. She was recognized by The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) which honored her with a World of Difference 100 Award for her contributions to the economic empowerment of women.

Active in Community

Tema is an active member of many industry and non-profit associations. She currently serves as a member of the University of Alberta Senate, and is on the board of LitFest, Canada’s only non-fiction literary festival.

She has also served as an Editorial Board member for User Experience magazine (publication of the Usability Professionals Association), Chair of Canadian Women in Communications (Edmonton Region), and Chair of the Brian Webb Dance Company Board of Directors.

Author, Speaker, Teacher

Tema is currently writing her second book, Reconnect: Why Businesses Must Reconnect With Their Human Side To Succeed in the Digital Era. 

Her first book, Canada’s Best Employers for Women: A Guide for Job Hunters Employees and Employers , was a best-seller and was short-listed for a Business Book of the Year Award.

Tema has taught digital marketing strategy in executive, graduate, and undergraduate business programs at the University of Alberta, l’Universite de Pau et les Pays de l’Adour in France, and MacEwan University. She has also delivered custom courses for government departments, associations and private companies.

Tema is fluent in English and French (and speaks a tiny bit of Dutch and Spanish!).

Keynote and Speaking / Teaching Topics

• Leadership and the Internet
• Effective Website Communication/Sales
• Getting in the Minds of Site Users
• Future Impact of the Internet
• Small Business & the Internet
• Associations & the Internet
• Women & the Internet

Leadership and the Internet
* Does the Internet make leadership more challenging? How?
* How can leaders use the Internet to improve the world?
* How can community and business leaders use the Internet to improve their workplaces and their communities?
* What threats does the Internet pose in the hands of unscrupulous leaders?
* How can disgruntled employees or ex-employees use the Internet to undermine leadership and how can leaders counteract those threats?
* How can leaders use the Internet to improve communication with employees rather than to impair it?

Effective Website Communication/Sales
* Can the Internet be an effective communication or sales channel for your organization?
* Is it worth the expense?
* How do I get started?
* How can I make sure our web site is achieving our communication or sales goals?
* How should intra nets be designed to facilitate internal communication and foster loyalty?

Getting in the Minds of Site Users

* People come to the site, but so many of them leave without ordering or contacting us. Why?
* We get reams of data, but what does it mean?
* How do I know where to set priorities for spending my limited web site funds?
* Testing methodologies: When would I use a focus group, a survey, lab-based user tests or other methods of getting feedback on my website effectiveness?
* How to get the most from your web investment.

Future Impact of the Internet

* Didn’t the Internet pretty much flame and die a couple of years ago?
* How will it be used in the near future? The mid-term? The long-term?
* What impact will it have on how we run our organization?

Small Business & the Internet

* Is it worth setting up a web site? Is it worth spending more money on the one I’ve already got?
* How cheaply can I do it and still have something worthwhile?
* Where do I start?
* What are the key things I need to cover?
* How should I measure site effectiveness?

Associations & the Internet

* How can the Internet help us achieve our goals?
* How can we measure and prove the effectiveness of our Web site?
* How do we maximize the value of what we’ve spent so far on our site, even if it needs major rework?
* What are the most effective ways to learn what our constituency needs and wants from our site?
* How should/can it tie in with our other activities?
* What are ways to minimize the costs of setting up and running a web site?

Women & the Internet

* How has the Internet affected women’s lives as consumers? As employees? As business owners?
* How can the Internet be used to provide better work/life balance?
* What career opportunities exist for women in this field? What barriers need to be overcome?
* What threats does the Internet pose to personal safety and security? How to protect against them?

My personal blog: www.temafrank.com

Twitter: @temafrank

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Google+