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Ever Wonder Why Your Website Isn’t Generating More Sales or Leads?

If you are interested in getting your website, mobile and/or in-store offerings and service  tested so you can win more business, check out the Frank Online Marketing website. We do large sample-size usability testing, as get the customer feedback that will increase your online and in-store sales conversion and customer retention rates. You’ll find lots of great… Read More »

Fraud Warning – Don’t be too trusting

There’s a scam out there where somebody calls pretending to be from Visa or Mastercard Security, investigating a possible misuse of your credit card. They sound very legit, even saying you are free to call Visa or Mastercard’s security department to check on it. In a series of questions they win your confidence and get… Read More »

Canadian Mystery Shoppers Needed Now!

Very exciting news: We’ve got a project about to launch that will call for hundreds of Canadian Web Mystery Shoppers over the next few months. You will be paid for your time, and can do the work from home.  So if you are Canadian, sign up now! 

Another scam. Don’t be a victim!

Police investigate online scheme involving fake Brock cheques Niagara Regional Police and Brock University are warning the public about bogus cheques that appear to be issued by the University and are being circulated throughout Canada. The cheques have been issued to people responding to an online advertisement seeking “secret shoppers” to evaluate the customer service… Read More »

Hijacked e-mail address – auggh!

It seems that there is spam going out under my name and the webmysteryshoppers.com address. I don’t think it is doing anything harmful; just being annoying. I am really, really sorry if you’ve got any of that. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to prevent it. In the meantime, if you want… Read More »

Do companies still need mystery shoppers in the era of social media?

Now that it is becoming easier and easier to get customer feedback, will the need for mystery shoppers disappear? Well, there’s good news and bad news on that. Because it has become so easy, there are certainly way more customers providing customer feedback than ever before. And, unlike official mystery shoppers, they don’t ask to… Read More »